Open Call: “Magie Nouvelle” – Circus Illusions

Under the headline Magie Nouvelle – circus illusions” DYNAMO Workspace invites circus artists in groups or as solo-artists to apply for becoming “Artist in residency” in October 2020.

Magic on stage is a glimpse into an alternate reality. By bending what we know and expanding the possibilities, magic can provide a unique creative freedom to the artist. Free of restrictions of the repertoire, magic in this sense is not understood only as a technique, but rather as an expression or form.

This residency is an immersion into magic/illusions as performance elements and is addressed to circus artists residing in the Nordic region (details below).

DYNAMO Workspace

DYNAMO Workspace aims to support the circus environment to its fullest extent by also providing artists with the opportunity to do unrestricted creative work revolving around a specific theme.
We also want to provide space for creation and artistic immersion across disciplines to ensure the development of contemporary circus in the Nordic region.

This open call is addressed to professional artists and performers working with, interested in and/or just fascinated by magic, as well as artists interested in incorporating elements of magic into their current artistic work.

Who can apply

Any artist or group/company (of up to 4 people) with members residing in any of the following countries are eligible for the residency funded by Nordic Culture Point:
Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Any group or solo artists meeting the above-mentioned requirements can apply. You can apply with an already initiated production, with an unfinished idea or with a wish to develop an understanding of magic as a tool in your performance.

Introductory Masterclass

This residency at DYNAMO is initiated by a two-day Masterclass by Danish magician and physical performer David Tholander on the underlying theme Magie Nouvelle

This Masterclass marks the beginning of your stay at DYNAMO and takes place from Tuesday 6th to Wednesday 7th of October 2020. Note that the Masterclass is open for other artists to attend. Read more about the Masterclass here:

The aim of the masterclass is to introduce the participants to the field of magic, allowing them to combine magic ways of thinking and writing with their own circus discipline/theatrical expression.

The two days will consist of an introduction to basic principles in magic. More than teaching tricks – even though there will be taught some – the masterclass will focus on general magic theory, technique and movement principles. The purpose is to explore ways of using magic as an element to tell stories, create transitions, introduce new objects, and express ideas in a poetic, surprising or disturbing way.

What we wish from you

To ensure a fruitful process we at DYNAMO urge you to host us in your assigned studio once a week, for an artistic check-in.

The company/artists in residency will be expected to document their process, the observations they’ve done and their ideas as they develop. Together with your assigned contact person of DYNAMO you will decide the format of this documentation: Video log, written process log etc.

The residency will end with an open viewing/sharing in front of an audience consisting of other artists and people working in the field of circus and the performing arts in general. This presentation will take place on the 19th of October followed by an Artist Talk facilitated by Masterclass host David Tholander.


DYNAMO will provide you with accommodation for the full duration of your stay.

DYNAMO covers transportation expenses of up to 200 € pr. person, to and from Odense in the beginning and end of the residency.

You receive 400 € pr. person to cover meals during your stay.

The Artist or Group will receive 1.500 € (incl. TAX) to cover production costs as you see fit. – whether it is to share among you as a salary or to invest in the project.

The space

As a group/artist in residency at DYNAMO you are provided with your own workspace of approx., 120m2 blackbox.

You get access to basic circus equipment including rigging, crash mats etc.. (Our max height for rigging in ceiling is 5,5 meters.)

If the residents require special circus gear/equipment, it is the artist in residency who is responsible for bringing or acquiring the equipment to DYNAMO Workspace.

When and where

The residency period is from Monday 5th of October 2020 to Thursday the 22nd of October 2020 and takes place at DYNAMO Workspace, Finlandkaj 6, in Odense, Denmark.

Further questions can be addressed to

How to apply

Application deadline is the 20th of June 2020 and you can expect an answer from us no later than the 1st of July.

You apply by filling out the online form in the link below:

* Fill in with numbers


Please provide us with information about you
SoMe, Webpage, Video Material, etc.

On the theme "Magie Nouvelle"

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This residency is created with the support from Nordic Culture Point.