Ansøg og info om residency – exploring the clown and humor

Et af DYNAMOS mål er at kunne tilbyde residency ophold for både nationale og internationale professionelle nycirkus kompagnier/artister. Vi vil give fysisk plads til proces, eksperimenter og udvikling af nycirkus.

DYNAMO would like to use these residencies to open up a dialogue around contemporary circus; Is the genre retrogressive in its idea that it’s new? Do we forget to evaluate and develop the genre because we call it the new circus in Scandinavia?
Therefore, we have chosen to link a theme to Dynamo’s first Open Call – exploring the clown and humor in the field of contemporary circus. In addition to this theme, this course includes a kick off with a clowning master-class for the residents – this will also be open to other circus artists. The residency program ends with a public sharing and an artist talk.

Exploring the clown and humor in the field of contemporary circus.
Why is the clown almost absent in modern circus schools?  What does the modern clown look like? Is the clown an old-fashioned character? Or does the modern circus need a character who doesn’t play by the rules and dare to shout loud more than ever before?

For whom?
The residency is addressed to professional circus artists and circus companies, primarily from the Baltic
and Nordic countries, who works with or wants to develop the clown and humor in the field of the contemporary circus.

During a full month in October 2018, this residency is a platform for experiments and artistic research -developing new ideas around the theme of exploring the clown and humor in the field of contemporary circus.

Dynamo Workspace provides
Your own space at Dynamo Workspace approx, 400m2 black box
Access to basic circus rigging equipment, crash mats and such. Our max height for rigging in the ceiling is 6 meters.
670€ fee each, for an artistic team of maximum four people.
A place to live throughout the period.
Transport and 400€ each in per diems.
Artistic mentorship – if wanted.

A clown master-class will be a part of the residency. This will be open for other applicants and will be the”kick-off” for the residency.

The target group for this residence is a group that wants to or already works with humor and/or clown as a supporting figure in their performances or artistic works.
This is a research and experiment more than a retention of old traditions.

When and where
October 2018 at Dynamo Workspace in Odense, Denmark.
Deadline is the 15th of August- 2018. You will hear from us at the beginning of September.

For questions please write

Supported by the Danish Arts Council