Guestplay by Taneli Törmä – Location X

For the next few days Taneli Törmä – Location X will perform a guestplay at Dynamo. The final details are almost done, the posters have been put up and we are ready to open the doors to Sound of Dance # 2 – about scenography with Taneli Törmä & Kasper Hansen (DK)

Sound of Dance is a choreographic research. Three installations where the costume, the scenography and the music attract the role as soloist from the dancer. This performance will challenge the public’s general expectations of what dance is, as an exercise to get rid of current associations.

Time of play: 
Fri 17th of November at 17 and 20
Sat 18 th of November, at 13 and 16
Sun 19th of November, at 13

Duration 30 minutes
Artist talk after each performance

Language English
Manufacturer Location X

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