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Tivoli de Trash

Tivoli de Trash – Funfair, cabaret and party

DYNAMO opens the doors to a post-apocalyptic parallel universe and invites kids, young dogs, wild adults & mutants to a wild and wicked day full of funfair, cabaret and party.

If you are tired of Christmas and are having nightmares about being strangled by colourful gift bands – then come to our post-apocalyptic funfair. Here you can trash the Christmas spirit, throw with Christmas decorations, take revenge over the cocky elf, try different circus workshops and take a picture as a whacked elf in our photo booth.

The alcohol is strong, the possibilities are many and the limitations are few, and if you can’t get enough of the wickedness then join the cabaret and party at night. Here you can let yourself be sucked into the lean and magical universe of DYNAMO and experience talented circus artists and local heroes in a crazy conspiracy!

After the show, DYNAMO explodes and turns into a party with fireworks of music, shooting range, crazy bars and a tattoo-tombola. Come and join the wildest decemberparty.

Tickets can be bought at billetto.

The show is done i collaboration with Odense KommuneSputnik & Wild Wonders and the local superheroes Ras Bolding/Klub Golem and MANUALS and is part of Christmas at Byens Ø.

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