Production & Residency

We offer residency for artists and companys, a space to develop your artistic work. We have 1300 square meters of raw black box dedicated to creation and experiments. You can produce your full performance at Dynamo or be in a residency and development phase to train or test new ideas. We will make an appointment with you about how much space you will need, how long time you want to be here and what equipment you need.

Office: We have a large office with a few desk available where you can sit and work with your lap top. We do not have computers available.

Workshop: The house has a scenography-workshop fully equipped with tools. Feel free to use it. If you plan to build a bigger project we ask you to bring your own materials.

Accomodation: We do not have the opportunity to have people living in the house. However, there are good opportunities to find air B & B apartments in the city.

An artistic contribute: We kindly ask all companys/artist in residency to contribute artistically in the house. This can be in the form of a work in progress viewing, a workshop, an artist talk, participation in a minor event, a video. ect. or you can have your premiere in the house.