About us

DYNAMO is a workspace for circus and performing arts located in the middle of Denmark at Odense city harbor.

The old warehouse provides with its 1300 m2 space to house productions from national and international performers in a professional and creative environment

DYNAMO opened in January 2017, so it is brand new and many things are going to happen.

Dynamo facilitates framework for: artistic work in progress, development of ideas, residencies, and courses in master classes/open training.

DYNAMO is a driving force for the development of the cultural life of Odense, primarily for circus and performing arts (new performing arts seen in this context as; Performing Arts as new paths, experimenting with form and content and testing the limits of the traditional frames of performing arts).

DYNAMO is hosting artistic activities as; guest performance, artist talks and work in progress. In august 2017, DYNAMO hosted the first Circus festival in Odense.

As a production house and cultural gathering place, DYNAMO wants to create sustainable conditions for performers and increase the quality of artistic production through mutual aid.

DYNAMO is open for new ideas, so feel free to contact us if you have an idea for a course, an event, have questions or just like to try out a good idea.