“Circus from the Nordic Sea” premieres on May 24th!

In a co-production with DYNAMO Workspace, the Swedish circus company Spinning Circus Performance performs the show Circus from the Nordic Sea, at Havnekulturfestivalen in the port of Odense on May 24th.

Circus from the Nordic Sea is a social circus experiment set in the near and imagined future. Here politics and society has developed in an extreme conservative direction with no room left for dreamers and performers of the arts. A Group of circus artist (a ship og freaks and clowns) refuses to take part in this world. And so they sail adrift in international waters, free from national restraints. Here they can create their art and their own society – but what madness comes from isolation at sea?

The show itself will take place on the old 59 foot long wooden sailboat Johanne, and on the dock in front of the ship. Here aerial artist, jugglers and acrobats along with the one-man orchestra Jenny Nilsson, will invite you into their world for a while – a world you don’t want to miss out on!

As the show premieres at Havnekulturfestivalen it is of course for free, and we will publish what time of the day it will run in the near future.

We are looking forward seeing you!

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