MYOPIC TIME – Sparrow Dance is just around the corner!

MYOPIC TIME with the front figure Esther Wrobel are now present at DYNAMO, and preparations is in full swing for Sparrow Dance!

MYOPIC TIME defines the subjective time perception and the vertical dancers reality. Through unreal and unbelievable movements, the dancer challenges the moment; both it’s limitations and it’s possibilities.

Through vertical dance, Esther Wrobel explores the laws of nature and defies gravity. Sparrow Dance is an aerial dance and cross disciplinary stage art association. The motivation behind Esther Wrobel’s Sparrow Dance, is to promote and explore vertical dance and other suspended dance techniques to further expand the versatility of the performing arts.

The aim for Sparrow Dance is to expand the possibilities of dance and develop the use of architecture as an active player in influencing movement.

MYOPIC TIME is dedicated champion dancers; Carlotta Ikeda and Ko Morobushi who’s time too soon ran out, and who’s presence in this life is deeply missed.

The associations aspiration is to challenge an play with the spatial perceptions of both the audience and the performers and explore alternate ways of looking at the world. Sparrow Dance uses cross disciplinary art forms to create ‘new’ realities that play between reality and illusion, creating wondrous events that provoke new ways of thinking. The work creates clear images that defy gravity and human perception while at the same time being easy to understand and accessible to any audience.

It all goes down Saturday – January 19th at 8 pm and Sunday – January 20th at 4 pm. Tickets can be found through the following link:

Ticket Prices:

Adults 25+: DKK 115,-

12-25 and students: DKK 80,-

Children age 3-11: DKK 45,-


We hope to see you!

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