Clown & Humor in contemporary circus


Where is the clown in the polished contemporary circus? Is he left behind somewhere standing on the sidewalk as the vagabond he is?

DYNAMO has its first open-call residency, and in relation to that, we have chosen the Lithuanian artist Giedre Degutyte and the anonymous artist that hides behind the project BLUESHIFT to explore the role of the clown in contemporary circus. Though all October they will have DYNAMO Workspace as their area to explore and prepare their ideas on the chosen theme.

Both artists have experience with this form of expression and ended performances. On their own premises, they will work with humour and exploration of the red-nosed character. Hopefully, they will challenge clowning and attempt to combine an expression based on themselves and the clown.

Giedre Degutye and BLUESHIFT have so far shown that they share the idea of the clown being a fundamental silent but expressive and sympatric character. We chose these two to out residency because of their personal way of thinking and creativity.

On November 8th DYNAMO invites everyone to come to a work-in-progress show and artist talks!

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