W/hole \\ Rapid Eye

On all the holes in the whole world. Holes are scary and holes are exciting. Holes are possibilities and some holes are incomprehensible. So many holes exists, that we will never get to the bottom of it. On a simple ‘do-it-yourself’-manner, two jugglers get 9 shovels, 11 buckets, 76 meters of rope, 3 ladders and a Thermos with hot coffee to comprise a whole and holy juggling-performance about everything that is only because of the things that aren’t.

Participants: Samuel Gustavsson og Petter Wadsten
Nina Kareis
Light design:
Sonja Lea
arrangør Alice Carreri
Signe Beckmann

Rapid Eye was founded in 2010, and has since then managed to establish itself with a unique profile in contemporary performing arts. The company creates performances in the borderland between modern circus, dance and visual theater. It reflects a distinct Nordic style of minimalistic elegance. The performances are characterized by a love for human beings and their wondering at the world, and they explore the perception of reality in a playful way. Rapid Eye questions the big and small things in life. The relation between you, me, life, and the universe are put under the microscope. Humorous poetry, philosophical magic, artistic precision and timing, as well as charming personalities on stage constitute the fascinating uniqueness and quality of Rapid Eye’s performances.



The performance is a collaboration between Momentum Theatre and us and can will be shown:

Thursday the 7th of November 2019  20:00 

Friday the 8th of November 2019  20:00 

Saturday the 9th of November 2019  20:00 

The performance will be taking place at Dynamo – Workspace.



Doors open 19:00.

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