“VERTIKAL” by Zirkus Gonzo

In a dark universe, the performer floats between heaven and earth in a forest of ropes. He explores the surroundings and himself, he seeks, falls to the ground and gets up again and again in an endless fight and play with gravity.

Vertikal” deals with the vertical axis – up and down, gravity and phantasy, matter and spirit – we move inside this field of tension for a lifetime. With birth we become exposed to the laws of physics of this world, we get to know and understand them, we begin to combine and use them for our progress. The limits of the possible are explored, we jump, climb and fall in a ceaseless playing and fighting with gravity until the circle closes again and all striving becomes void. Striving, dying, becoming!

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Artists: Finn Andersen and Chris Sigdell

Starts: 20.00

Doors open: 19.30

Age: from 10 years


  • Young + students: 80 kr.
  • Adults: 115 kr.

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