SLIPS INSIDE is a powerful, elegant and considered demonstration of talents. The show tears the feelings of the audience way down under the seats and up to the top of the canvas; This is contemporary circus!

The two Belgian artists, Xavier Bouvier and BenoÎt Devos, are some of the absolute best artists to take the audience through this kind of journey. You can experience them at DYNAMO Workspace with their supreme performance SLIPS INSIDE.

Together the two artists represent the company OKIDOK and in the last 25 years, they have refined an expression that is absurd and sympathetic.

OKIDOK is best described as a poetic and adventures clown-house. Nobody ever loses! It is a house that punishes arrogance behaviour and creates amazement, panic and magical moments with the audience.

The physical comedy SLIPS INSIDE will get under your skin. With a minimum of use of instruments, the performance brings a play of aesthetics. SLIPS INSIDE is a refreshing performance in clumsy idiotic foolishness

Artists: Xavier Bouvier and Benoît Devos

Starts: 20.00

Doors open: 19.30


  • Young + students: 80 kr.
  • Adults: 115 kr.

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