Planck – Tiny Circus Big universe

PLANCK is a big show in a tiny circus tent.
Two quirky artists and a musician will guide you through a kaleidoscopic journey to another dimension.
In a ”Twin Peaksesque” mix of rock ‘n’ roll, black humor and death-defying stunts objects come alive, confused magicians appear out of nowhere, an unlikely diva sings her heart out and people fly through the air.
A whole cabinet of eccentric characters appear out of the blue, there is no apparent circus director to set the agenda, mysticism is prevailing in the circular frame of the circus and all logic is blown to pieces while the characters sing, jump, dance and juggle in and out of time and space/place.
In the absurd microcosmos of PLANCK, you will be so close to the artists that you only need to reach out to touch them.

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Director: Troels Hagen Findsen
Artists: Gry lambertsen, Rune Vadstrøm Andersen
Musician & Composer: Camilla Bang
Scenographer: Siggi Oli Palmason
Costumes Camilla Lind
Lightdesign: Jonatan Winbo
Producer: Ida Kristine Nørgaard
Magician consultent: David Tholander.
Puppet maker: Patricia Homolova