Omvendt- circus for kids

Nycirkuskompagniet Cikaros & Theater Kimone presents:


A dance acrobatic performance for kids 3-6 year.
There was one and there was another. Then there were two. No, there were two, and they were one and one – or was it the other way around?
One stands on her hands. One is inside a box. Two boxes, two bodies, up and down, inside and out. They are the same. And vice versa.
We dive into the childish and immediate fascination of the opposite. Two artist create a fantasy universe with surprising choreographies and movements that change perspectives and invite the audience into the excitement of the opposite.
An elegant  contemporary circus performance and a thoughtful tale of being human.

By: Signe Løve Anderskov and Henriette Aarup
Instructor consultant: Jørgen Carlslund
Choreographer: Boaz Barkan
Composer: Mika Forsling
Scenographer: Mona Møller Schmidt
Photo: Maja Nydal Eriksen

The performance lasts 35 minutes
Supported by the Danish Art Council