MYOPIC TIME by Sparrow Dance

Sparrow Dance is coming back to DYNAMO!

If you are one of the unlucky ones that did not have the opportunity to experience them at the Circus Festival 2017, you are in luck! On January 19, 2019, you can see the premiere of  MYOPIC TIME.

Sparrow Dance is an aerial dance and cross-disciplinary stage art association formed by Esther Wrobel. The motivation behind Sparrow Dance is to promote and explore vertical dance and other suspended dance techniques to further expand the versatility of the performing arts. It aims to expand the possibilities of dance and develop the use of architecture as an active player in influencing moments. The work creates clear images that defy gravity and human perception while at the same time being easy to understand and accessible to any audience.

MYOPIC TIME is the combination of the counterweight between a dancer and a transforming object of different weight. Wishing to transform the relationship between the dancer and her gravity gradually and with great precision to allow freedom and variety of working with gravity in a dynamic shift.

The goal is to give the dancer a great freedom to travel vertically and horizontally while demonstrating that with each possibility they find, a restriction occurs.

Artist: Esther Wrobel

Doors open: 30 minutes before it starts

Age: from 10 years


  • children: 45 kr.
  • young+student: 80 kr.
  • adult: 115 kr.

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