Handstand workshop

Welcome to the handstand’s workshop with Ida Langkilde
for both beginners and practitioners.

Ida wants to work with you who have never really got hold of their hands or who struggle to stand without help.
You will get to know the handset’s elementary techniques, and you will get tools that will allow you to control your balance and get into your handline. We will work with different positions and placements of, among other things, leg and head so you have something to play with and challenge yourself with.

For those practitioners who have played with the discipline before and who would like to continue with perfection, control and will expand the repertoire of both positions and tricks.
We will go through the different positions of the legs, head and arms and play with some different types of press-ups. In addition, you will also be introduced to one arm handshake.

After the workshop you have material so that you can put together interesting things in your own workout and train on a higher and more controlled level.

Price: 250 dk kr, payable via mobilepay 32345 to or via ticket link.
Registration by Thursday 8 February to idalangkilde@hotmail.com
Tell us if you are starting or practicing.

About the teacher Ida:
I am 24 years old and studying at AMoC, Denmark’s higher education in new circus, specializing in handstand.
Since the time I was small, we made wind turbines and got on hands, but in 2014 I found out that there was technique behind the hand and that this discipline is much more complex than just balancing the hands. I have since spent thousands of hours on my hands, for handshake requires practice over and over again! It is also a discipline that enhances body awareness and strengthens both coordination, agility and physics throughout the body.
My way of teaching hands-on is based on technology and analysis in the body biomechanics. That is, I base on the individual body and then link the theory