Fridaybar for cultureworkers – Talk: The creative body

YES! DYNAMO houses the Friday Bar for cultural workers every other month in 2019. We offer a workshop or talk in company with your cold, refreshing beer. Bring your Friday spirit. We’ll make the atmosphere cozy, uplifting and warming evening.
Lecturer in dance from the Institute of physical education and biomechanic.
Camilla Damkjær, will enlighten us with her knowledge of how we can use our body to mold our thoughts. ‘Does the body have a consciousness?’ will be one of her central talking points.
Camilla Damkjær works phenomenology with bodily consciousness and has her origin in the theoreticality of the philosophical traditions of Dan Zahavi and Shaun Gallagher.

This Friday, Café Kosmos, brings out a delicious vegan buffet. Come join us at the long table dinner on Friday at kl. 18. The price is 100 kr.
NOTE: For the impulsive: Pay in our in-house bar.
To be insured a place at the long table, be sure to buy your ticket in pre-sales.

Feel free to hang back after the Friday Bar, free of charge. Or, join us at the long table dinner.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all!

8. marts ( in collaboration with Røde Himmel).

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