Arcade Delight



What do you do when the arcade machines, thanks to 20 years of unstoppable technological advancement, have been left in complete darkness? When kitsch is no longer cool and we’ve forgotten how to roller skate? You force CPR on them to the tones of Talking Heads and Bowie and force feed the restrained ones with roller disco and shoulder pads.

Odense Kommune and Statens Kunstfond are 100% on board and in the literal sense we can say that this ballistic leg warmer-galore of a party has been approved and tastes of theatre and contemporary circus.

ARCADE DELIGHT is a collaboration between Odense Kommune, Røde Himmel and DYNAMO Workspace, and the event is supported by Statens Kunstfond. Please be aware that ARCADE DELIGHT can contain smoke, strobe lights, explosions, fire, peanuts, latex and, water vapour.

Roller Disco: 19.00

Varieté: 21.00

Concert with TAN: 23.00

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