Fix & Trix for kids

On December 9th we present in collaboration with Odense kommune and Repair Café Odense our children day in December, with the title Fix & Trix.

With the focus on sustainability, we have put together a day for children and their parents where the purpose is to show the children how they easily can put together some good things from recycled stuff and giving new life to old things.

The day starts with the performance Tvärslöjd, that will inspire the children to see the opportunities in their otherwise boring everyday-objects. The artists from company Giraff will manipulate simple things by giving new lives in new constellations.

After the performance, we open up for creative and challenging workshops for the children. They will have opportunities to learn how to bind books, sew teddybears and create porcelain mosaics. The Repair Café Odense will help and teach the children to fix, wangle, cut and paint at Dynamo – Workspace for circus & performing arts. There will of course also be time to learn tricks trapeze, rope, and juggling from professional circus artists.

We look forward to seeing all the small and big children! Read more and buy your tickets here.


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