THURSDAY *pre-launch

Saloranta & de Vylder // The Cloud Jump – a Lecture

– The cloud jump is a deep dive into the creative process, about changing perspectives and a surrealistic story of a group of people who spent 2.5 years on an impossible dream of being able to control fate.



Soon Company // Gregarious

– In English, “gregarious” is a term for animals and people who thrive the best in a group. And in Spanish, ‘gregario’ is a water carrier – a helper who must sacrifice himself to lead his team captain to victory in road cycling.

Brunette Bros. // The Greatest & 2nd Smallest Circus …

– In ‘The Greatest and 2nd Smallest Circus in the World’ The Brunette Bros have developed a unique theatre performance where puppet theatre, live music and classic clownery appears in equal parts.

Tanter // VIXEN

– Using acrobatics, strong women, passion and human disasters. VIXEN is a performance that concentrates on societies influence and impact on the role of women.



Amir & Hemda // ZOOG

– ZOOG – is the beauty and ugliness of any relationship, joy in its good moments, but also the difficulties and conflicts that exist in it. It is a meeting between two acrobats, a daily matter, a game of love and hate, a battle in which tenderness and cruelty mix.

Señor StetS // Cuerdo

– Welcome to Señor Stets world. A man lugs around a suitcase. Out of it he pulls a one-hour long performance with only a few elements. A rope to dance with. – Another masquerading as a snake. 9 Rat traps and an almost animate fish.

Svalbard Company // Svalbard Cabaret Night

– Svalbard Cabaret Nights is a site-specific cabaret project by the critically acclaimed Svalbard Company, developing the idea of creating a ground and methods on co-acceptance as co-existence between different human universes.

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