DYNAMO circus festival

Small and intense Nordic festival that want to show the curious, the extremely skilled, the humorous, the touching and the reckless contemporary circus

The festival lies as an oasis of big experiences between abandoned industrial buildings and pale concrete residential silos on the Odense harbor.

Here you will come close to the almost impossible, the dangerous and the fantastic. Come close to artists that live in and make their living in, circus. Artists who have practiced, been nerdy and have trained endlessly. You will be touched, terrified, joyful, irritated and maybe happy.

7 meters above you someone is will take a risk to show you something new. You will see a juggling act that took an artist 3 years of her life to perfect and you will experience something that will move a part of you, that you didn’t know you had.

There will be some artist from Denmark and more from abroad. There will be masterclasses for circus artist, open workshops for everybody. There will be food trucks, a punk-fairground atmosphere and of course the weather will be no less than terrific.


We are looking forward to present the program for this year’s festival to you in 2018, in june.