DYNAMO Circus Festival

Dynamo Cirkus Festival goes off for the second time
the 10th and 11th of August 2018!!!

In an oasis of wild and beautiful encounters between abandoned silos and pale concrete at Odense Harbor, DYNAMO Workspace presents a small and intense festival. It is going to be curious, sharp, breathtaking, humorous, moving and ass-kicking. During these two days you will experience international contemporary circus with artists from all over the world underneath the open sky and at Dynamo Workspace. Both the kind for children and the kind that only comes out after nightfall.

The festival site offers workshops for all ages, food, great weather – of course, and “Bar to the Bone”. Inside Dynamo you will find our two scenes, our post-apocalyptic Punk-Tivoli atmosphere, and a huge late night cabaret kick-in-the-party-balls, with local heroes, national and international artists and delicious live music.

The whole spectacle ends in a crazy out of this world afterparty. If you are lucky you will go home with a tattoo and a prize from the shooting gallery that you couldn’t possibly live without.

This year you can experience Compagnie Mauvais (FR), Lazuz Company (FR/IL/SE), Svalbard Company (SE/UK/ES), Race Horse Company (FI), & Kaaos Kaamos (FI/FR/B/SE). More information above in program.

We can’t wait to open our doors and sky for you!

The festival is supported by Municipality of Odense, The Region of Southern Denmark, The Spar Nord Foundation & The Funch Foundation.

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