DYNAMO has three events for children. These events will happen during the autumn holiday in October, in December 2018 and in relation to “Fastelavn” 2019. There will be shows, workshops and playtime!

The first event will focus on the theme Friendship and Solidarity. We have arranged for Henrik and Louise to join us with their show “TVÅ”. Through acrobatics, they will take the audience through an atmospheric universe that triggers the brain. It is poetic, wise and fun. There will also be workshops and play in couple-acrobatics and acro-yoga.

In December the theme will be sustainability, we will have workshops where you can create presents from recycled materials and you can repair old and broken toys. The Swedish company Giraff will present the show “Tvärslöjd”, in the show they bring everydayness into movement and build sculptures with their bodies.

In March during “Fastelavn” it is about being somebody else, and the theme will, therefore, be roles and stereotypes. There will be workshops in trapeze, juggling, acrobatics and walking the line. We haven’t found the perfect show yet, but we are working on finding the perfect one.

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